If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I Recently made this little sewing pouch. I made it from scraps of fabric that once belonged to my Nanna, and filled it with treasures rescued from her sewing box for my sister’s 30th birthday.

I knew what sort of thing I wanted to make my sister, and found this pouch on Pinterest. Ordinarily, when I want to make something, I usually try and work it out myself and bodge my way through it, but on this occasion, I bought this pattern on etsy.

I’m so pleased I did, the pattern made it so easy and was fairly inexpensive. So I wanted to share it in case anyone fancied getting crafty. I’m definitely going to buy more from this Etsy shop. The only thing I would say, is there are one or two steps where you have to use your intuition a bit, as the instructions aren’t super explicit, but nothing too taxing. I’m so pleased I was able to give my sister something so special.

(Pssst – my sewing machine was discarded by my old primary school nearly 30 years ago; after so say reaching the end of it’s life. My Dad rescued it and fixed it, and it’s served me and my mum really well ever since. What a treasure.)


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