We no longer have the budget we used to have to treat ourselves, going down to one salary is a challenge, not to mention the serious lack of free time, so we’ve had to get creative to find ways to give ourselves a bit of a break. So, without further ado, here are my little luxuries, for when I have less than an hour to spare, and less than £10 to spend.

1. Chocolate

Well duh. I’m not talking about mindlessly polishing off huge slabs of dairy milk. (Although I could). I’m talking about treating myself to some fancy chocolates, sitting quietly for 10 minutes after dinner and indulging. These Booja Booja Truffles are my current fave, the Espresso ones in particular. They’re vegan, rich and decadent, you’ll only need one or two. (Or three).

2. Audible Subscription

Pre-baby I loved to read; I’d read every night. Now, understandably, sleep is my priority, but I found myself really missing reading. So, a few months ago I bought myself an audible subscription. It’s £7.99 a month for one book with no contract, so you can cancel whenever, and the first month is free! Now I can listen while I play with Arlo. In the last few months I’ve loved: Recovery by Russell Brand, Vox by Christina Dalcher, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and I’m currently working through the Harry Potter series. Audio books have absolutely saved my sanity when the days are long, and we’re stuck inside. Like having adult conversation. Almost.

3. Coffee. Alone.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wonderful partner in crime parenthood like I am, who is willing to look after the baby solo, steal yourself away for an hour at the weekend and take yourself for coffee (and cake if it’s been that kind of night). There is something very special about sitting in a warm coffee shop, with a hot cup of coffee, watching the world go by. Turn your phone off, or better yet leave it at home, think entire thoughts from beginning to end and really enjoy your own company. It’s good for the soul.

4. Candles

I have a subscription to the Botanical Candle Company. For £8 a month I get two packs of beautiful tea lights, and a sample of another one. Putting a candle on once Arlo has gone to bed is my favourite way to signify the change from day to night, to wind down and make my home feel a little more zen. I’ve found that lighting candles is quite ritualistic. These lovely soy candles burn with zero petro soot, soy wax is derived from vegetables and is a natural renewable resource AND is biodegradable, whereas paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and burn with petro soot. So, if you can find soy candles, they’re much better for your home and family as well as the environment!

5. Running

Ok – so if you don’t have running shoes or trainers, this is considerably higher than £10 cost. But if you do, running is my favourite endorphin booster. If I’ve only got an hour to myself, I can fit in a 40-minute run and an indulgently long shower and put myself in a better mood for days. I pound the pavement and turn the music up as loud as my headphones will go. If running isn’t your thing, a good walk could have the same effect. Get outside and blow those cobwebs away while moving at an adult pace.

6. New soap or hand cream

I’m finding that since becoming a mum, my hands seem to need a lot more TLC. This is probably because of the exponential increase in amount of times my hands go in and out of water in a day. Having something a little more luxury by the sink feels like 30 seconds of me time.

7. Healthy lunch. Made by someone else.

My local café does the most delicious salad boxes. They’re not cheap, but if I’m feeling particularly unenthused at the prospect of eating peanut butter on toast for lunch for the fifth time this week, this is how I like to treat myself. Yes, I know how to make lovely salads at home, but during a day of looking after a toddler, I have neither the time nor the inclination. However, a good healthy meal nourishes body and mind.

8. A box of your favourite tea

Get your feet up, and do nothing but drink your tea. Switch the TV and your phone off, and just enjoy a moment to yourself. Even if it is at 5am or 11pm.

9. Donate to a cause that’s occupying your thoughts

For me this month it’s been War Child and charities to support the firefighters in Australia. Even if you can only afford a small donation, like me – it can be a great help to someone on the receiving end.

10. Something nice to put in the bath

Whether its bombs, salts or oils; you can’t put a price on a long relaxing bath. Spending a few pounds on something lovely to put in the water can really make it feel indulgent. My current favourite is this Lush peachy bath bomb.


Whether you’re a new parent or not, I can’t recommend a little bit of self-love enough, and something which feels indulgent to soothe your soul and rest your mind. I’d love to hear some of your favourite ways to treat yourself.

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You definitely got me hooked on Booja Booja. I have lots in the house right now. Some of my favourite treats are listed here and you’ve reminded me to try my first audio book. I’d probably just add going to the cinema!

Going to the cinema is such a good one! I haven’t done that in so long – I want to go and see little women!

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